MAY22 - MAR.23
Protecting our planet is the ❄︎ cool thing to do


You can take the guy out of Le Gers but you can’t take Le Gers out of the guy
You can take the guy out of Le Gers
but you can’t take Le Gers out of the guy


Envisioning the next big thing at Luni
Our team of five, consisting of a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a copywriter, a user acquisition manager, and myself as the product designer, had two days to invent the next big thing at Luni in the social app market. The brief was to design a functional prototype and present the concept to all of Luni.


From discovery to a testable prototype
As there were no product managers on the team, I had to take charge of the team's main workshops. Given our tight timeline, these workshops had to be super efficient in order to generate ideas quickly. We began by sharing our initial ideas and the topics that interested us the most, and agreed to explore the environmental issues and how an app could help address it. From there, we took the time to analyse market opportunities and explore all the ideas related to the ecological challenge. I organised a mind map workshop followed by an ideation workshop. After defining the main problem we wanted to solve, we began thinking of a solution and developed it through wireframes and finally a testable prototype.


How might we?
How might we increase citizens' involvement in addressing the environmental challenges of our era? How might we make it easier for them to discover new ways to reduce their impact? And how might we make it a social endeavour?


Mapping all ideas
The first step was to map all our ideas related to the subject and filter them by category. This allowed us to envision many possibilities and directions we could take to solve our problem. It was also a good indicator of the interest of developing such an app and it allowed us to determine what would be our most valuable feature.


Iterating on the flows
We used the famous statement 'One small action made by millions is more impactful than one huge action made by one person' as the basis for our work to define our MVP. Our social app allows users to challenge themselves and their friends to complete small actions every day and one big action every week. To achieve this, we created various flows to understand how users can complete challenges, challenge their friends, and differentiate between daily and weekly challenges.


Bring fun & rewarding challenges into your social sphere 🌎
Introducing the promise and the job to be done to our user felt capital to have a smooth experience as well as gathering unbiased insights when testing the prototype.
Small steps, big impact
This app's value is based on a couple of things: a few daily challenges that our users wouldn't think of, and the ability to easily challenge friends to be as active as their peers. While gamification mechanisms and rewards will be implemented later, our primary goal was to test if the core function would be a strong enough motivator to bring users back to the app, both for business and ecology purposes.
Relations at the core
Emphasising relationships is a key aspect of our app's social core. To reinforce this, we created a larger weekly challenge that can only be completed with a friend on the app. This challenge provides greater rewards and is available once the user completes the daily challenge each day. By doing this, users are incentivised to complete both types of challenges.


A swift component set
As velocity was the main challenge of this project both in design and later on in dev and the app will be developed in SwiftUI, I used as many native component as possible to design quickly an intuitive experience that would be easy and fast to ship. Finding the right amount of detail for components and saving time while creating the screens was a thrilling challenge as the clock was ticking throughout the whole project.