designing a native ios astrology app in a week


You can take the guy out of Le Gers but you can’t take Le Gers out of the guy
You can take the guy out of Le Gers
but you can’t take Le Gers out of the guy


Launch a submission to the App Store in two weeks
The first step in creating a disruptive app in a crowded market such as astrology is to launch a first version that will pass the stores. Since we weren't sure about our ability to reach the market, we needed to submit the first proposition to Apple as quickly as possible.

Our plan was simple: use native SwiftUI components as much as possible. This would allow the development team to progress quickly while maintaining a high level of quality, and it would ensure that we comply with Apple's requirements from the Human Interface Guidelines, increasing our chances of being accepted.


From ideation to delivery
The mission began with a benchmark for a first version of the look and feel of the app (I wouldn’t even call it branding at that point). Then I focused on getting the flows right for the main features that were decided upfront and created the first screens designs. When the designs were on the right path, I started creating adaptative and versatiles Figma components to prepare the file for the soon-to-come iterations on the brand and the product.


Defining the flow
For each feature, I have defined quick flows that enable the user to access all available information in our API rapidly, often in only one or two taps. The main idea behind this approach was to break the information into pieces that are easily readable and understandable.


Getting the critical data from the user
The onboarding process should feel easy, quick, and safe, while also helping users understand the importance of sharing their birth information.
Offering daily data to place the app as a day-to-day tool for astrology advocates
The horoscope, daily tarot card draw, and transits are three types of content that offer daily updates from the API. To keep users coming back as often as possible, this content needs to feel fresh and new every day.
Understanding what the planets have to say about who you are
While most of the app provides data based on daily or monthly horoscopes, the "Me" tab is where you can access permanent insights into your personality based on the position of the planets at the time of your birth. This category contains a lot of information that has been broken down and explained to make it understandable for astrology beginners.

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