MAY22 - MAR.23
Helping young women discover & explore who they are sexually



Creating a fun & smooth intimate archetype quiz with positively atypical interactions
The first step in empowering users in their intimate wellness is helping them to get to know themselves better. Based on personality tests mechanisms, Luni content team designed a complete quiz to define our users’ intimate archetypes. Those archetypes include deep insights on how users behave and respond in different intimate situations, allowing them to identify their patterns and challenges. My job was to design this long quiz to reach a high completion rate and bring as much value as possible in order to attain high virality results.


From definition to delivery
I joined the project while the discovery phase was ending and had to compose with a quite precise brief.


Defining the flow
Through ideation workshops and benchmarks, we determined that we should break the 52 questions quiz into five dimensions ti make it easier to consume. The experience would surely be quite long so we also needed breaks  and progress hints  to reduce the perceived length as well as intermediate insights about the user to bring value before the final reveal and encourage them to go through.


Feeling like you are in a safe place, where you belong
These designs use industry-known codes to make users feel like they are in a safe place : light theme, round shapes, round fonts & soothing gradients.
Completing a frictionless quiz experience
Thanks to around 20 user tests, we managed to reduce friction during the whole quiz. Alternate different interaction types, moving button, changing icons, adding copy, were useful feedback we gathered.
Discovering your archetype and reflecting on who you are
Throughout the whole quiz, we built tension with a progress bar, dimension intros & results, etc. The loading screen after the final question gives this tension its paroxysm. Then, the reveal of the archetype release this tension and brings satisfaction.


Breaking down the quiz and making it social
Interviewing a dozen of users about their experience on Alis brought us deep insights on what were our opportunities and how we could reshape the app to optimise it for retention and daily use.

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